Jay who won a place on the worlds first pop music course at Salford Uni, a course 200 timesoversubscribed hasnít stopped to look back, unless itís to pick up a dobro. His playing combined with his haunting vocal style have brought crowds to pin-drop silence and rapturous applause.Jay launched his debut album Searching (2013) to a hugely successful sell out show at Lancaster's Grand Theatre; and it is available through this website or at concerts."Iím Excited and hungry for what the future holds "
"Each song allows a glimpse into a rugged contemplating landscape of thought - The Visitor.
"An accomplished piece of work, with a lot of depth...a rare find!" - Lancaster Guardian
"Mesmerising" - Mojo
"Sounds great....very unique sound..Really like the whole album" - John Parish, composer.
"You either know and can or you don't and can't. Jay can and does." - Red Rose Music Lancs
"mastered from 1/4" tape! - Outstanding" - John Dent, 2014 MPG Award Winner
Discovered by the multi-award winning & internationally renowned record producer John Parish (PJ Harvey, KT Tunstall, Eels, Rokia Traore, Tracy Chapman, Goldfrapp).
Last year saw Jay return to his "roots" working with John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels) for the release of his critically acclaimed album 'Searching', launched to a sell-out show atLancaster's Grand Theatre.
Since then Jay Diggins has gone on to achieve recognition for his work by the BBC, and is a regular on the UK festival circuit, having headlined at Lancaster Live andplayed shows at many others. In this way, he has found a loyal following in the UK.
Jay Diggins is the harmonica playing guitar man from Lancaster, who with his ensemble has quietly become one of the most exciting acts on the new British alt/rock/folk scene.
Since forging his musical path over 20 yrs ago with PJ Harvey and John Parish, Jay has worked with & supported some of the largest names in the business including The South (aka The Beautiful South), Bruce Foxtons From The Jam and Mark Morriss....the singer of The Bluetones...